This is my word for 2017.


A couple of years ago I was in a conversation with a very respected teacher of mine, Diane St John.  I was going on about allowing – basically more of everything into my life when she said, with full bodied expressionlearn to receive.

For a couple of years I have pondered this conversation.  It was in Diane’s full bodied expression that I could sense there was something to receiving.   Her expression suggested that there is much more depth, more penetration, more wisdom  – an emotional intelligence – in receiving verses allowing.

I can wrap my head around this suggestion.  The two words have a completely different feeling to them.

Receive – suggests that I need not be anything more than I currently am.  Just be – and gratefully absorb what is being given.

Allow – suggests something needs to be considered/done prior to allowing (like, do I deserve this and if so can I allow it?).

When I look back on my life I can see that I have had a difficult time receiving.  Meaning, if good things come my way I have a tendency to have an immediate response that suggests I don’t deserve good things coming my way.  I am sure that there are many reasons for this response (culture, family dynamics, societal norms, self worth issues, etc.)  and instead of dissecting the hell of it (something I am prone to do) I am giving myself 1 year to reprogram my habitual response into one that will be supportive of receiving what is meant for me.

Without hesitation, without question, without guilt, without wondering if I deserve it.

My word for 2016 was Eros.  I wanted to explore the spontaneous energy that is rooted in love and pleasure.  It was in this exploration that I became hyper aware of the emotional intelligence within the concept of receiving.  What a cool year it has been.

I have a better understanding of Diane’s full bodied expression when she suggested that I learn to receive.  And now I want to fully open to embodying it.

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