Creating My Destiny

“……Fate is the power that determines events whereas the destiny is what is destined to happen. Fate can be changed by hard work and perseverance. When a person engages in positive thoughts and actions, it has the potential to create a change in the fate of a human being……”


And so my destiny is ultimately mine to create via collaborating with the

energies of Fate.


For me that energy is cultivated by Source/Universe/Universal Love/the Divine (aka God).

And humanity is united as one within the web of this energy.

Sometimes this path of being more awake feels so damn heavy and hard. Being awake demands that I am fully accountable and responsible for myself, which in turn requires a lot of hard work and perseverance.

Often I feel like I am doing so well on my path, and often I become aware of yet another aspect of myself that needs some fine tuning.

And right now, in February of 2017 (a historical time for sure), I can not help but wonder what in the hell is going on. It is either the beginning of the end or the beginning of a more enlightened humanity. Likely it is both – and finding my way in it has felt a bit surreal and I have been full of unwanted emotions.

Just when I felt I had my groove on the world flipped upside down.


Now I am embarking on keeping my groove, that is fluid and anchored in love, while wadding through a bunch of bullshit. Because there is a bunch of BS happening right now. And it enrages me. And I can’t tell if this rage is healthy or not. One on hand it feels important to feel it, express it and process it, and on the other hand it feels horrible in my body, very challenging to process, and it messes with my personal life. It is certainly not my own, but I have been holding it as if it is.

……………………………………I just took a big long breath.

Okay back to it. Lots of learning happening for me right now.

Creating my Destiny:

My body will no longer play host to energies that I don’t align with.

I will use my white privilege in service for the Greater Good.

I will engage with life as if it is beautiful – because it is.

I will raise two incredible souls with the understanding that it is their purpose to be stewards of the Greater Good & Mother Earth by being stellar examples of embodied Wholeness.

I understand that if I just do this my destiny will be Divinely held and my journey will be full of unconditional support, guidance, and abundance.

It is okay to relax into just doing this…..

Surely when my fate determines my destiny I will ultimately be pleased. All I need to do right now is stay focused on this and continue shedding layers of junk that no longer serve me and sharing my experience.

Game back on!

(thank the gods…that was kind of a brutal month)

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