My December Newsletter to my Clients

Hello beautiful women,

I want to encourage us to try something over the next couple of weeks.  It is such a gift to self — and considering it is the holiday season, why not be more gift-full to self!?

As most of you know I have been on a dedicated path of reclaiming myself for the past 8 years.  Throughout this journey I have had epiphany after epiphany and have simplified my exploration so that the growth I am experiencing does not feel so difficult to achieve. I have developed a pretty diverse “tool kit” for self-soothing and the practice that I have found to be most reliable, most effective, super simple and life changing is:

Allowing my body to relax
noticing the subtleties of how it feels in my body and mind when I do this.Or better said,release constriction
absorb pleasure
(with an emphasis on absorbing pleasure!)

When I say absorb, I mean to let every cell in my body feel what it means to give-myself-a-break (for even just 30 seconds).  To sincerely release all internal constriction, holding, bracing, grasping, tension (aka old patterns of making life harder than it really is…).

When I do this I feel: expansive, fluid, soft, open, receptive, and calm.

Which then turns into being more considerate, more approachable, more kind and loving, more solid in my authentic self.  I become more of who I truly am.

And I can do this practice in every single situation that I am in.  Literally, every single minute of every day – this can be done.

Yes, this practice is that simple. And – I totally get how challenging it actually is. 



I was talking with a client about this practice and noticed how saying, “let everything go, let your body relax” suddenly felt very disingenuous and sort-of cruel to suggest.  I remember how damn hard it was for me to “let-it-go”.  I remember moments of despair when I was too caught up in “letting-it-go”; there was so much to let go of and my mind would run a muck with how I would never achieve the state I was striving for.

The day that I shifted my focus from “letting-it-go” to – a subtle release of held body tension and emphasis on absorbing the pleasure that awaited in just this simple practice, everything changed.
I have found that absorbing pleasure is the gateway for “letting-it-go”.
My body now craves the moments that I “give-myself-a-break”.  Almost as if I am indulging an addiction.  And the rebel in me appreciates the edginess of this suggestion.
How many times per day can I indulge this addiction?
How often can I loose myself in the healthy-hormone-laden
inner world of absorbing pleasure?
How much can I buck the status quo with this simple practice?
Can I become an expert of pleasure absorption?!
Time will tell – and I am dedicated.  And I would love to have some pleasure absorbing junkies surrounding me.  Will you please join me?!



Try it right now, release the held tension in your belly, shoulders or jaw, breathe, and deeply feel the difference between tension and pleasure (for just a few genuine seconds).  Refrain from getting heady with it.  Just feel it.  Repeat.  All day long.  Repeat.  Give-yourself-a-break.  You totally deserve it and those around you benefit from this self-centered practice too!

Wishing you and yours very happy holidays.  Peace, love and PLEASURE.


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