October newsletter

Hello beautiful women, A few years ago my acupuncturist, Bea Hammond, said something that stuck with me.   Bea was getting a home solar system installed and her primary reason was that she didn’t want her son asking her why they didn’t do anything to help curb global warming; she remembers asking her parents why they […] Read the full post here.

September 2018 note to readers

Hello beautiful women, The month of September has offered me a taste of my new reality.  Both of my girls are in full-day school now and that means I have started experiencing what hours of uninterrupted time and brain-space feels like.  It has been a decade since I have had this kind of solitude, I […] Read the full post here.

Raising Wren

“Sometimes I like girl things and sometimes I like boy things………no, actually – I always like girl things and I always like boy things.” “I’m both boy and girl with just a titch more girl.” When Wren was barely 3 years old I had the privileged of experiencing a very tender moment with her.  A […] Read the full post here.

My May Newsletter

Hello beautiful women, May became a favorite month of mine when I became a mother ~ Mother’s Day is a wonderful holiday for me and I know it to be a painful holiday for some.  Regardless of what the holiday is wrapped up in for you – I wish you a day that is fluid […] Read the full post here.

March 2018 newsletter to clients

Hello beautiful women, I have stepped over, or I am deciding that I will, it would be untrue to say that I already have. I want to. I will. But boy – does it feel incredibly vulnerable and terrifying. I can feel myself on the edge of choice. Staying put feels like slowly loosing myself, […] Read the full post here.

Reminiscing and sharing about love

My February newsletter to my clients:   Hello beautiful women, As usual, I have a lot to say and share. But first – I feel it is important for me to voice to you and the Universe that: I am relieved to recognize that a purposeful dream of mine that was put on hold is […] Read the full post here.

I have proven it to myself – a different way is possible

Embodiment is not a concept meant to live in the mind – it is a way of living that is steeped in integrity and it is an opportunity to experience daily micro-doses of rapture – but it has to be cultivated, and to start, it is necessary to believe that a better way is not […] Read the full post here.

Grateful for a New Year

I don’t know that I have ever been so ready and relieved to step into a new year.  I feel like 2017 was full of trauma.  Like it was in the air, trauma.  My life and my little family are all doing great, really great, but man – I feel like 2017 was full of […] Read the full post here.

My Gratitude – A letter to my clients

To my wonderful clients, We are entering my favorite time of year, the Thanksgiving holiday season.  I have a difficult time recognizing the historical purpose of the holiday; I don’t understand why we blindly celebrate a very tragic part of our history.  That said, I use this time of year to sincerely reflect upon my […] Read the full post here.

Becoming barb-free – Is it even possible?

A couple of weeks ago I declared that I want to explore becoming barb-free while living a more vulnerable, heart- centered life.   During a weekend workshop, titled The Dynamics of Relationship,  Don and Diane St John explained that in order to have more meaningful, rich, solid, fulfilling and satisfying primary relationships one must be […] Read the full post here.