Becoming barb-free – Is it even possible?

A couple of weeks ago I declared that I want to explore becoming barb-free while living a more vulnerable, heart- centered life.   During a weekend workshop, titled The Dynamics of Relationship,  Don and Diane St John explained that in order to have more meaningful, rich, solid, fulfilling and satisfying primary relationships one must be […] Read the full post here.

Feeling the despair of humanity & a vow and declaration

A good man took his own life and gave me an opportunity to feel the depths of despair. I still do not understand – and I don’t think that I ever will. He was an exceptional person, father, husband, and teacher. He had many friends and a nice home. He cared about people and people […] Read the full post here.

Habit or Addiction – either way, it is an opportunity

“Alcohol lies to you….it tells you you can dance when you can’t, that you are funny when you are not, and that you are cool when actually you are being an ass…..”   ~words from a wisewoman   When do you realize that you are an alcoholic?  Is it possible to be an alcoholic who […] Read the full post here.

Eager for September

“We can live any way we want. The thing is to stalk your calling in a certain skilled and supple way, to locate the most tender and live spot and plug into that pulse.” -Annie Dillard — I started learning from Don and Diane a handful of years ago – it is as if they […] Read the full post here.

Motherhood – My Truth

My truth about motherhood is:  for the first decade it is a daily meditation of sincere pretending and grasping onto the simplest pleasures in order to stay sane, while wise little souls repeatedly remind me of all that I am not – and because the candy cane vision of myself and what “family” can be […] Read the full post here.


It was suggested that I explore the energy of indifference during a weekend workshop that I recently attended of Don and Diane St John’s, Growing Into Wholeness – The Frontiers of Well-Being. Throughout the weekend we explored how we tend to identify with our primary-selves and that we should also allow room for our disowned-selves; […] Read the full post here.

An Important Reminder

Self Ecology Without reverence for my ecological self without my own inner balance where I find poise between the skies of my ambitions and the requisites of my earthly state I cannot be that warrior Without that quiet place reached in grace and thanksgiving skywards while the daily needs of my body her bones, her […] Read the full post here.

Creating My Destiny – part two

My original post was hacked. Along with another one. Ironically both posts mention my disdain for what is happening under our new administration. So – I will take a cue from the Universe. I will focus less on what is happening and more on creating my destiny.   — I will no longer allow my […] Read the full post here.

Creating My Destiny

“……Fate is the power that determines events whereas the destiny is what is destined to happen. Fate can be changed by hard work and perseverance. When a person engages in positive thoughts and actions, it has the potential to create a change in the fate of a human being……”   And so my destiny […] Read the full post here.


This is my word for 2017. Receive — A couple of years ago I was in a conversation with a very respected teacher of mine, Diane St John.  I was going on about allowing – basically more of everything into my life when she said, with full bodied expression:  learn to receive. For a couple […] Read the full post here.