Massage Therapy

All of my massage sessions include a warm and inviting room being infused with essential oil, relaxing music, a combination of traditional Swedish stokes, Shiatsu stretches, rocking and pressure point focus, deep tissue techniques, and encouraged energy flow. All sessions are tailored to meet the needs you have at the time of your visit.

The entire experience from Monica’s calm, welcoming manner to the beautiful room and cozy massage table, to the quiet that was sustained through the massage was sublime. The strokes were rhythmic and luxurious and in perfect balance, without calling attention to themselves by causing discomfort or overstimulation. I felt in a state of complete and perfect relaxation yet aware enough to stay present in my body and connect to my inner self. Once you experience this, you understand what a true art massage can be because you are the clay being molded. You emerge in your true form and walk away feeling honored and blessed.” Read more…

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Empowerment Advocacy – 1:1 Quality of Life Coaching

First 1.5 hour session

Designed to facilitate your innate ability to access your inner wisdom and empowerment we will determine what limiting self beliefs and habitual patterns are keeping you from fully thriving in life. You will gain clarity on what you can do immediately to shift your current reality and start living in more alignment with your highest self. Together we will create a game-plan full of “tools” that, if followed, will encourage new perspectives, thought patterns, nurturing self-care, and noticeable, positive change in your daily living.

You will leave the session with more clarity about your core identity, your innate wisdom and your ability to transform anything in your life.

Continued sessions

Subsequent sessions will build on your first session and with time will become more focused on the perceived obstacles that keep you from living in alignment with your highest self, honoring your innate wisdom and owning your power.

These sessions can remain in dialogue only or they can be coupled with massage.

It is my belief that our muscles, soft tissues, organs, cells, and bodily fluid carry and hold our ancestral story, life experiences, and limiting self beliefs. With this in mind I feel that massage therapy can be incredibly beneficial for aiding in the release of what does not serve you any longer as well as serving as an anchor for the clarity and wisdom you gain.

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