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“Nurtured, supported, and encouraged Women move through life as empowered beings. They love freely, give graciously, her joy radiates & intrigues. They inspire others and change the world for the better by simply being. They value self-care knowing it is fundamental for their health and happiness. They understand the positive ripple effect their nurtured essence has on family, friends and society, and they are committed to unbinding their authentic self as a service to all.

It is an honor to work with Women who understand this immense concept and make self-care a priority. Massage is an exceptional way to nourish, replenish and commune with oneself on the deepest of levels. To fully thrive takes dedication and courage; it also requires support and encouragement. With massage and empowerment advocacy I seek to provide Women with a felt sense of peace, calm, clarity, wisdom, and and inner alignment believing that through this connection with self everything becomes possible.”


You are a busy woman.

  • Your stress level is higher than it should be – promoting premature aging, tension and anxiety, disease, chaos in your daily life, and slowly depleting you.
  • You wish for more meaning out of life but are unsure how to get it.
  • You are actively involved in the tasks of being a mother, a career woman, a retired matron, a daughter, sister, aunt, wife, partner, friend and likely a combination of all-of-the-above.
  • You have deep seeded dreams and desires that go unnoticed and un-nurtured.
  • You work, clean, cook, shop, plan, organize, teach, assist, play, love, create – you make things happen. Most minutes of the day, 7 days per week you are moving, doing, being, dreaming & giving.
  • You want to feel more alive, vibrant, authentic, joyful and happy.  You want more connection with yourself and others.
  • You know that YOU time is rare, special and worth striving for – yet it is the first thing you will let go of if there is simply not enough time, money is tight, or others need you.

    ~ Staying connected to and nurturing yourself is an art and more valuable than most any other thing in life.~

    I am committed to providing women with a nurturing experience of deep connection on the table and empowerment advocacy including, support, encouragement, inspiration, stories and resources off of the table.

    Honest, real, sincere connection encouraging YOU to thrive.

    YOU deserve to be nurtured, cared for, supported and encouraged. YOU deserve to move through life empowered.

    I genuinely look forward to being part of your journey.