Gratitude for my Energetic Field – And a Declaration

The other day out of the blue Charlotte asked me if someone can literally bounce off of a force field (there is a movie that speaks about force fields, I guess) — it was a serendipitous moment, almost as if she had been reading my mind, because I was thinking about how I was going to write about the gratitude I have for the bubble that I live in — or rather, the energetic field that surrounds me and mine.

More than anything right now I am grateful for this bubble.  So deeply grateful.

I can honestly say that I am surrounded by goodness and light.  I have exceptional people in my life and this circle seems to only grow, and the way it grows is rooted in love.

I don’t have a single relationship, that I put time and attention into, that is not a healthy, respectful relationship; one that is balanced in respect, compassion, inclusion, understanding, love, and is also genuine in intention.

Not a single one.

So I think it is true – I do think that someone can bounce off of a force field.

Or better said,

I know that we create our own reality – primarily with our personal integrity and the energy that we choose to surround ourselves with.


With this in mind it is so very important to surround myself with people who match or exceed my energetic vibration.  It is important to align myself with people who truly respect the fact that we-are-one, and those who are dedicated to improving themselves for the betterment of the Greater Good (an energetic field).

And it is even more important to ensure that my personal intentions within these relationships are of quality.  This requires “work”, or better said – self exploration:  A genuine desire to be accountable and responsible for my thoughts and beliefs, my intentions, my words and actions.  And to resonate, as much as possible, at my energetic best – my highest self.


The United States of America has elected a man into the most powerful position on the face of our earth who completely lacks integrity.   In my opinion he represents, without a good argument in his favor, everything that is abusive, disgusting, hurtful, damaging, ugly and down-right wrong in our world.

And for at least 4 years he will lead our nation.

What happened?  How did we stray so far from the Golden Rule?

Where has the emphasis on personal integrity/honor gone?

Is my definition of this so different than others?


Therefore, my gratitude.

This bad dream is not my reality.

The energetic field that surrounds me and mine will not only be what I lean into over these next 4 years for felt love, acceptance, safety, security, compassion, empathy, understanding, support, encouragement….(all things healthy, good, and pure included) ….., but I will also GIVE BACK immensely to this field.  I will continue rising to my best self so that me and mine can ultimately claim that we lead a purposeful life full of integrity and emphasis on the Greater Good.

You can count on me right now.  I will not wallow in the fear and hate that has been generated.  And I will protect my energetic field, and all those within it, with a fierce righteousness.  Those that need to bounce off will, and those who are ready for continued self exploration and who respect equal human rights for all people and care for Mother Earth are welcome in my field.

From the depths of my heart and soul, thank you to those who share my energetic field — and encouragement to those who seek a healthy bubble, we have lots of room, please join us.

a little piece of writing evoked from a lesson in the online Embody Gratitude course I am taking:

“To have this energetic field to lean into right now is so incredibly comforting and nourishing.  It gives me hope, reminds me of who I am, and provides a “home” to reside in — it keeps me grounded in my reality.  And my reality is such an awesome place.
On the flip side of this – I have had a gigantic “crusty” (you know, that look on someones face when they are disgusted, pissed, ready to rage) right smack dab in the middle of my 3rd eye for the past two days.  I can’t ignore it or pretend that it does not exist.  I have not felt, or looked, this way in a while.
As my eyebrows furrow and my shoulders tense I find it so soothing to drop back into me.  To really appreciate my reality.  Meaning how I feel in my mind, body and soul, and how I engage with those around me.  And that I have exercises such as your courses, Erin, to ground me and reground me, and ground me again.
My immediate reality is  actually quite blissful……..
And, I am also ready to invest this internal rage into a productive means for the Greater Good.  It feels like others are ready to do this too.
Deep gratitude for the fact that I am witnessing people invest in positive action —- and it feels really cool to feel that positive action have such a fierce fire behind it.
Love can be edgy – love can be fierce – love can be bold – love can be pissed – love can be harsh – love can be truth – love can be a fucking freight train and a wrecking ball.
At least this form of love is the foundation of my “crusty”.  hahaha”.  MFK
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