Doing busy differently

I am now in the throws of a new school year with my kids, and I have started the job that enabled them to get into their new school.  Monday through Thursday I am a lunch lady –  and I have had one week of experience so far.

I will be busy for a solid 9 months.  I will be working 3 jobs: my lunch lady position, managing 15 rental properties, and seeing up to 12 massage clients per week.  All while also being a mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, and friend.

This feels ironic to me because I have spent the last couple of years sincerely slowing down, I have shed the layers of a too busy life –  I have arrived in a place where I have time, time to relax. 

How did I get myself back into a place of being too busy again?!

Well, all I can say is that every single role that I listed is very purposeful – and so for 9 months I will do all of them as well as I can.

With this in mind it feels very important for me to declare that I will do busy differently

Can I be too busy and also centered?  Can I be too busy and also internally peaceful and calm?  Can I multitask and also be present and available?  Can I be too busy and keep myself from a “poor me” attitude?  Can I be too busy and also give privilege to slowing down?

In my many years of self exploration I have found that the single best practice for me to enhance the quality of my life is staying with the extra 5-10 seconds of what I feel when I let my whole system down.

Meaning, what I feel when I get out of my spinning head, allow the muscles of my body to relax, and absorb all that is felt when the physiological response of Fight or Flight shifts into Rest and Digest.

Or maybe better said, what is felt when I give myself 5-10 extra seconds of gratefully-absorbing-slowing-down. 

We have a choice every second of everyday to do life differently.  To live a fast pace life, barely breathing and storing chronic tension and pain, or to continually allow ourselves more pleasure and joy. 

And for me, more pleasure and joy is rooted in that extra 5-10 seconds of absorption.  In my experience this absorption is most easily experienced at the fluid level.  And to access internal fluidity it is imperative to release tension (aka stress).

My goal for the next 9 months is to explore this absorption.  Every nook and cranny of it.  Because I can do it in every single scenario that I can think of, making it an excellent opportunity to become an expert at doing busy differently.

I can be too busy and continually slow down.  I can be too busy and not carry stress.  I can be too busy and have plenty of time.  I can be too busy and maintain the life that I want to be living.

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  • Erin Geesaman Rabke September 12, 2016, 1:18 am

    This is so beautiful. Integration. Rooting for you with these beautiful intentions and joining you too! xo

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