Saving the World via Self-Love

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Last year a friend of mine sent this to me, I appreciated it so much that I added it to my vision board for 2016, something I do regularly when I want to truly embrace a concept and/or a new way of being and living.

2016 has been the perfect year for exploring these spiritual aspirations.  Indeed they are deep, and with the current political climate and state of the world they are providing me with a reminder that I have more growth to devour.

I have #1 pretty well harnessed.  And I SO appreciate how it feels to allow regular joy, love, laughter and lightheartedness into my daily living while also being hyper aware of how much pain and suffering society is enduring, and what this in turn is doing to the earth.  It could be really easy for me, the highly sensitive person that I am, to live in constant fear, concern and hopelessness…..

#2 is a work in progress, and I am getting much better at appreciating everything about people I love and care about.  I am noticing that if my loved ones “flaws” do not have a direct effect on me, they are much easier to accept. I am still exploring how to accept a persons “flaws” when they do have a direct effect on me or my family….

#3 is really, really challenging for me.  It just is.  Especially right now.  I can’t, won’t, and have no desire to see myself as united with a person who is a bigot of any kind.  And there are a lot bigots surfacing suddenly.

Look at the irony in this…..I am a bigot (I have a deep dislike of bigots…..).


Most enlightened people would say that love is the answer to my dilemma.

What they mean is genuine self-love is the answer.  One can only truly love and appreciate another, and authentically embrace spiritual aspirations such as these, when they have a solid foundation of self-love.


Well — I have some more growing to do.  Because if I am being 100% honest – I am wrapped up in the opposite of this 3rd aspiration.  I am not out in the world being a jerk, but when I explore my mind I find a struggle.  And it is significant.

How do I keep myself from an us-verses-them mentality?  Especially right now….


As I genuinely ponder this now I can already feel a softening when I remind myself that they too have a deep desire to be loved and accepted.  They too have a purpose and are a human being (a brother or sister).  They too have a perspective, created by their life experience, and it is valid.

And I can feel that it is self-loving to soften the internal constriction that accumulates within me due to my nonacceptance, fear, anger and frustration.


I know that someday soon I will feel very differently about all of this than I do now.  I know that there will be a moment in time where I realize, once again, that I have internally shifted – and I will be able to completely align with these 3 spiritual aspirations.

And in that process I will discover a lot about myself, there will be more opening and peace, and I will be even more purely connected with Source.


My wish is that responsibility and accountability for self-love becomes more encouraged, taught, promoted, expected, and praised by leadership and society…..we would live in such a different world.

All of our current problems would disappear and there would be so much living potential on earth.


self love

At least I can become an example of what is possible while encouraging others — so I will keep going.



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