Creating My Destiny – part two

My original post was hacked. Along with another one.

Ironically both posts mention my disdain for what is happening under our new administration.

So – I will take a cue from the Universe. I will focus less on what is happening and more on creating my destiny.


I will no longer allow my body to play host to the dark energies that are hurting humanity.

I will live my life as if it is beautiful – because it is.

I respect my primary purpose in life which is to raise two incredible souls to be stewards of

the Greater Good & Mother Earth.

I will use my white privilege to join forces with those who need support.

I will ‘show-up’ how I can and not feel guilty about how I can’t.

I will speak my truth, because it matters, and it is rooted in equality, respect and the Golden Rule.

This is enough. I can do all of this – and certainly when my fate determines my destiny I will feel good about my life.

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  • Sam April 10, 2017, 3:12 pm

    I won’t allow my body to host dark energies!! Thanks for putting it that way,I have been doing some of that and seeing it out that way helps to want to clean up:)

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