“Our body is really the product of our thoughts.  We’re beginning to understand in medical science the degree to which the nature of thoughts and emotions actually determines the physical substance and structure and function of our bodies.”

Dr John Hagelin


When I became serious about alleviating the painful sensations I had been having in my right hip for over 10 years – I created a plan that would address the emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, past and present components of my pain.

I needed to reach myself on a cellular level, I needed to reprogram all of the poor habits and beliefs that were creating the constriction.  I needed to reset myself.

My plan included something that felt a little silly at the time, I wrote the words “Give Love” (aka forgive) on my glass pitcher and drank from it for over 3 months.  This silly idea came to me due to a remark that a wonderful woman, Diane St John, made to me at one time.


Love and Gratitude

You disgust me .jpg

You disgust me


Thank you

4.2 JP



You fool






Dr. Emoto captured the crystals formed by water that had been exposed to words, etc, and these pictures show some results.



I had seen Diane for a few counseling/exploratory sessions and one time she asked me if I knew about the work of Masaru Emoto.  She suggested that I read his books.

I never did at that time – but I did grow curious about his work.  How can one not when they simple see his photographs.


Recently I read 2 books of Dr. Emoto’s many.  Hidden Messages of Water and his book written for children (this link is not the book but a wonderful PDF of something similar).

I will read more of his books with time, and I also feel that I don’t need any more reason to fully ingest, believe, respect and cultivate his teachings into my life.

Is it possible that water is our greatest healer?!


It has been less than a year that I became sincere about unraveling my hip pain, and 3 years since I worked with Diane.  Meaning that for 3 years Dr. Emoto’s work has been floating around in my mind, and for less than a year I have been committed to pulling his idea into my healing & growing exploration.

I will be honest and say that my hip pain still flares at times (and is always associated with my emotional state), and even more honestly – I am gratefully relieved at how well my plan has worked.   And due to this I have become even more curious about Dr. Emoto’s work, because I think the component of  “Give Love” (aka forgive)  written on my glass pitcher has made the most impact on my recovery.

And this is how I am thinking about his concept these days.


The human body is between 60-70% water.

We need water in order to survive.  All of our bodily functions require water.


Water is affected by the energetic vibration of:   words (and therefore thoughts and emotions), music, pictures, prayer, stagnation, flow, toxicity, etc.

Natural, free flowing water from Stewart Mineral Springs, Mt Shasta, USA

After the Buddhist prayer was offered to Fujiwara dam


Before the Buddhist prayer was offered at Fujiwara dam



The life cycle of water is such that we are utilizing the same water that the dinosaurs did.  The rain and snow that falls into our drinking supply has been previously used by people, animals, plants, etc.  from around the world.


Fascia, or connective tissue, takes up more room in our body than any other single tissue and it’s purpose is to act as a form on tensegrity.  It provides structure to our bodies many moving parts, that are meant to slip and slide in unison with each other.

Fascia requires water, vitamin C and continual movement/stretching in order to function properly.  It can be negatively affected by injury, surgery, medications, dehydration & toxicity and what is currently considered by science to be “unknown”.  Many alternative healing modalities know that fascia is highly affected by emotions.

Fascia is in the process of being classified as an intelligent organ system.  I feel pretty confident that with time science will prove that fascia experiences, relates/communicates, and stores emotion.   It relays the physical expression of a persons internal state of well-being.


The cables of this bridge provide the structure with support , a form of tensegrity, and an example of what fascia in the body looks like and acts as.  If a cable, or many cables looses it’s integrity it will affect the whole structure.


It is fact that if one part of the fascia system has adhesion, the rest of the body will be effected.  It is also true that if a person is storing negative emotion, or has continual negative thoughts, it will affect the whole person.

“Our body is really the product of our thoughts.  We’re beginning to understand in medical science the degree to which the nature of thoughts and emotions actually determines the physical substance and structure and function of our bodies.”  Dr John Hagelin


Constriction within the body, of any kind, creates adhesion, energy pooling, stagnation and dis-ease.  Stagnation creates death, movement allows life.

So, considering that we store 60-70% water in our body, and that every bodily function requires water, and that fascia can only function properly when well hydrated; I feel like Dr. Emoto’s work, when applied in a sincere manor, could be a very simple means of communicating with our wholeness at the cellular level.


I have noticed that since I have tuned into the fluidity of my body my ability to connect with another person (and society as a whole along with the earth) on a much deeper level is palpable.  I have experienced the deepest connection to myself and Universal Love (my God) while exploring my fluid nature.  Such a sweet, pure, comfortable, deeply-connected-place….


I feel like the concept of tensegrity can be directly applied to community and society, as much as with ourselves, with each of us humans being a strand of cable.

Our personal integrity affects the whole.  And the whole is only as great as it’s parts.


The health of a community, and of society as a whole (and therefore our planet), is directly affected by each individuals internal state of well-being.  The communication and interaction that occurs internally and between us, spoken and unspoken, creates the tensegrity of our wholeness as a community & society.

Is it plausible that water, one of our most valuable resource that has allowed life, could be an ultimate healer if we worshiped it and utilized it’s capacity to transform anything, primarily our internal state of well-being?


It is accepted in the health and wellness industry that mindfulness and meditation (being aware of our thoughts and the quality of them and also quieting our minds, which therefore calms our body) is extremely beneficial to our health and well-being.


It is said that we are a completely new person due to cellular regeneration every 7 years.  And we know that it takes repetition to create new patterns in whatever we are wanting to change internally and externally.

Could something as simple as consuming purified water that has been exposed to the vibration of a positive word help to cleanse and reprogram our cells?


And if so, what could occur in society if every person was working with themselves in this very simple way?


And finally, how might we positively affect one of our greatest resources – water, which is becoming increasingly polluted in devastating ways, if we worshiped (sincerely valued, protected, and honored) its capacity?


Could we live life more fully while positively affecting society and healing mother earth by simply tuning into our relationship with water and cultivating a richer relationship with our fluid body?



Dr. Emoto’s work believes so – and so do I.  And regardless, living life this way certainly enhances the mystical component of being human, which feels inviting, enlivening, curiously fun and deeply nourishing.  I am sold.


 4.2 JP


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