Six plus years ago it came into our lives

An undeniable energetic force that claimed purpose – for all

So we created it
With extreme naivety, zero business savvy and lots of vision and hope

It was my ego that allowed me to persevere

I stayed up too late, woke up too early, learned on the fly, pretended to have a plan, and allowed everyone, including myself and my family, to come dead last


I was on fire – I was co-creating a space that would give me the recognition that I deserved

I could feel then that there were great lessons in all that I was learning – it was certainly guided by a higher source

And so, as I began to unravel at my core, I felt held, safe and supported

If you ask me what Vitalize was/is for me I will tell you this:

It provided me with a literal space
For being humbled – For me to see myself

And what I came to see was a woman who had no idea what living life from her heart and soul felt like


Of course I learned this by burning out, I stopped breathing fully and deeply
My ego literally led me into a phase of experiencing everything, primarily my body, my marriage and my family — hurting

And so, I let-go of ownership = always busy

and GREW

Surrounded by the same sense of being safely held and supported within the framework of Vitalize

Where am I now?
How do I feel about Vitalize relocating and me no longer being able claim creation of such an incredible place?

Maybe it has yet to fully settle in
But I only feel

Gratitude for everything that Vitalize has provided me with on a very personal and intimate level

Six plus years of the uncomfortable transforming into
Internal peace

And therefore an opportunity to live life guided by my heart and soul


I feel cleansed and ready
Ready for whatever journey comes next

And as for my ego?
It is proud

So proud that the undeniable energetic force that grabbed hold of 3 naive women is still alive and well, thriving and supported
Proud that the studio is moving in lieu of closing its doors
And proud to have been part of something that is transforming the lives of many, in many different ways

All of me, every cell in my body, is grateful


Vitalize Community & Healing Arts Studio =
A business venture that was about personal transformation more than anything else, for me


Lessons learned
I get it

I fully understand the value of being anchored in my integrated wisdom –

I feel like I can now live authentically and pleasure-fully


Thank you Universe.  Thank you Angela and Karen.  And thank you to all of the studio renters, patrons and my clients.  We all created, and kept alive, an incredible place to Connect, Move and Transform.

And finally, thank you to Craig Mecham, the owner of the soon to be demolished building.  He gets a bad rap from Sugar House folks but my experience of him has only been positive.  If it was not for him believing in the vision of 3 naive women (without a business plan) AND financing our remodel (that is right, there was no bank loan involved with the creation of Vitalize!) the studio never would have been.

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  • Marcia March 26, 2016, 11:22 pm

    So… are you quitting massage cold turkey (“for now”) or? (I can’t tell for sure if “not continuing with Vitalize” means… just not with Vitalize, or not at all.) If not at all, starting when? And continuing with a women’s advocacy discussion group? I might need to finally find out more about that. I enjoy your company and energy and our conversations!

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