Dear, Christian God

I want your job, and so that you know, when I die I will be seeking you out – and I will take it from you.

Your time is up.

You are ruining good people.  I have been watching the effects my whole life.  You have kept me and many loved ones from genuine relationships.  You create static and discomfort.  You separate and divide.


I am surrounded by incredible humans in my family, in my friendships, in my work, and in my community.  Society in general is full of good people.  They are loving, compassionate, kind, inclusive, generous, talented, intelligent, wise, contactable, fun, and friendly.

Until it comes to you.

When you come into the mix they become guilt ridden, judgmental, fearful, and hateful, they loose their power, and they project their junk onto others.

Crouching behind you –as if it then becomes okay.

They quickly loose their compassion and intelligence.  I have seen them turn their backs on blood, I have felt their sense of hierarchy, I have witnessed their various ways of blindly excluding.

And mostly, because of you, I have seen them hand over their essence, their personal integrity.  I have felt their hearts harden as their souls are shackled.

And you call yourself God?

Believe me, I understand the concept of  ‘it is the people who worship you who make you into something you are not’….. I once thought this was true.

But now I am starting to think that it is indeed YOU who cause good people to turn sour.

You and those damn books.  The outdated scriptures that stunt growth and love.

You confuse people and you steal their power.  You subject, ostracize, control, dominate, dictate and divide – you are not love.

I am surrounded by people who have so much to give, and they want to give it freely, but you make them wonder.  You make them afraid.

You confine them.  You tell them who they can and can not love, who they can and can not be.  And they suffer.  And when they suffer everyone around them does too.

In my eyes, YOU are the problem.


I feel confident that if it was not for you, and your outdated books, people would not have fear and hate running through their veins.

We humans are born pure, you know this, we are good people, and then we age surrounded by a sick-mesh-of -bullshit, and we become less than our potential.  And then we start hurting others in multiple ways.

All because of you (and your other “God” cronies).

Well, things have become personal for me down here.  I am an inflamed mama bear  – and I am calling you out.

I want your job – because I could lead better than you. 

I effortlessly and easily remind people of who they are, I encourage them to love.  This is all we need to do, right?  Love.  Just love….

But you make it hard.  And your power is so great that my impact while living will not be as significant as I want it to be.

So again, when I die I will be seeking you out.  I want your job, and I will take it from you.  I will liberate your people.  I will allow them to authentically love again.


A fierce mother who is not f*#king around.  We don’t need you (or any of your other “God” cronies) .

PS – I worship Universal Love, the omni-present energy that allows everything life.  It is created by humans and supported by the Divine.  Yes, we create it, and the Divine (our biggest fan) is unconditional and believes in our united power as humans.  It does not limit us, it wants us to thrive here on earth.  It wants us to experience the magnitude of love that currently we can not even fathom (because of YOU!).

With the support of the Divine, and the fuel of my life’s purpose, which is to remind humans of their essence and integrity, and encourage love, all while raising two incredible children (who consistently remind me when I am out of alignment with my highest self and silently encourage me to quickly return to that authentic place),  I will concur you.

And I will then lead your people with unconditional love – I will allow them to be great again.  I will support their empowerment and praise their worth.  I will encourage them to remain fully integrated within their mind, heart, soul and spirit as they age.

And they will naturally be kind and compassionate with everyone around them.

We are born perfect….. and then you and your cronies mess us up, and then ironically blame us for it…..

And you call yourselves God.  Again, we don’t need you. 

PSS – I don’t actually believe in your existence, but just in case and so that we are clear.

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