On mBraining, personal growth, and a vulnerable admission for you

Hello, beautiful women –

I was in touch last month letting you know that I was stalling the launch of my new website until I took a training that I was very much looking forward to.

Now I am enthusiastically in touch to let you know that my website will launch in September and my mBIT Coach Certification course was incredible.

I highly recommend spending a bit of time on the mBraining website, and if you feel intrigued order the book.

To summarize the book and the course:

Esoteric and spiritual beliefs have advocated over the past 2000 years that we have 3 wisdom centers within our bodies: one in the head, one in the heart, and one in the gut. Science is now starting to prove this concept to be factual.  The creators of mBraining and mBIT, Grant Soosalu and Marvin Oka, have combined spiritual text, neuroscience research, behavioral modeling, NLP, and cognitive linguistics to create a powerful technique for aligning and integrating the intelligence of the 3 brains (I like wisdom centers more) believing that with this alignment and integration individuals gain greater wisdom, success and happiness in life. And therefore, society has the potential of becoming a more positive place to reside in.

I will be sharing more information and resources about mBraining and my experience with it throughout time.

For now I just want to tell you that I feel what I have learned is providing me with a container for all of the personal exploration and epiphanies I have had over the past 7 years, along with a foundation for my continued personal growth that is full of wisdom, courage and creativity – empowerment to its fullest.  I have big plans for my future, and I am motivated to bring my passions, dreams, desires and goals into reality and they include you.

Most of you don’t know that about 7 years ago, beginning with my pregnancy of our oldest daughter, Charlotte, I have been on a personal-growth journey that has included a silent, un-diagnosed, nervous breakdown.  Or better said, the beginning of more conscious, authentic living for me. I had unwanted thoughts of leaving my marriage, ambivalence within motherhood and my ambition, unresolved shame, dis-ease and discontent in daily living, my body was in pain, I was stressed to the max, and I questioned & judged everything – primarily myself.

You did not know this because I did not want to be vulnerable, honest and real in front of you.

I am a successful massage therapist, a co-creator of Utah Prenatal Massage Association and professional birth circle, and at that point in time was a co-owner and manager of Vitalize Community & Healing Arts Studio.

I felt I could not let others see that I was imploding and felt like a phony on many levels — I had to keep my appearance up, because that is what I had programmed myself to do.

In retrospect I am confident that the universe used my ego and natural perseverance ability to co-create an amazing studio that I thought would help others when what it actually did was unwrap me to my core.

Thank the Gods that I was surrounded by incredible professionals who are dedicated to assisting others in healing, personal growth and optimal health & well-being.  As I imploded I also expanded. I explored a ton of personal growth concepts in the name of “supporting the professionals who were renting space from Vitalize”.  I thought I was helping them — hahaha.

My journey has included deep clarity with all of my major inhibitions, my life story, my belief system and my core values.

Yep – I have explored ALL of them.  I have gained compassion (for myself & therefore others), deep meaning about my life purpose, immense gratitude for my light andmy shadow, self responsibility, respect, and forgiveness. And, I have also experienced a lot of upheaval in my personal life. My family and friends have put up with a lot from me and vice-verse ;).

I am now in this incredible place of juicy expansion, exploring, connecting, living joyfully, loving, being present, feeling embodied, being motivated and excited, and content with this newly found, internal peace. I have valued exploring myself, uncovering & nurturing my essence and growing. And, as I do I have discovered this really amazing woman within me that I want more of.

All of this said,  I still have moments and days that get the best of me and often I revert to old patterns – just ask my children and husband. I realize that the journey I am on will be a life-time of exploration and experience with unexpected curve-balls that give me more to work with. I know that what I am doing is gaining tools that will help me throughout time regardless of what life gives me.

I have a long-term goal of feeling what it is to be boundless, free and thriving in all aspects of life while residing 100% within my integrity all of the time.

Wow – I just put that out there to all of you and the universe.  I guess I better commit so that my past of being a phony does not haunt me…..

I am telling you all of this now because when my website launches you will see that I am re-branding myself and what it is that I do.  I encourage women to thrive using massage therapy and empowerment advocacy as my primary tools. I do this because my life purpose is to be an incredible example to my girls and a kick-ass wife, all while being successful in allowing my ambition to be fulfilled. My ambition = my career, and my career needs to encompass my family so that I can be successful with all of it because lord knows it takes everything I have to try and be awesome.

I am in the beginning phases of spearheading a Conscious Mothers Movement and I want you to be part of it.

A movement that encourages mothers to value self-care and exploration as necessary not only for their personal fulfillment but also for generating legacies of integrity. A movement that nurtures, supports and encourages mothers to thrive for the betterment of society. A movement that is primarily fueled by knowing that our children deserve more from us — they deserve to move through life without our inhibitions becoming theirs. They deserve to engage with our essence, not the layers we have covered it with. They deserve to explore their world surrounded with the comfort of peace, love and joy that naturally resides in our our essence. And, we deserve that too.  

Ladies, this is 1.5 years worth of my brain-child being introduced to you along with my vulnerability.

I hope that it is heartfelt and I sincerely hope that you will join me in this grand idea, this Conscious Mothers Movement has so much incredible potential for ourselves and everyone that we love.

It will start and move slowly as to support the daily-grind that we all wake up to. And, if you decide to follow my blog you will come to know me as incredibly flawed, very honest, and extremely passionate, sometimes obnoxiously so. I will share my life story, my inhibitions, and my ambivalence. It will be very raw, very real and extremely vulnerable. It will also shimmer with humor, gratitude, purpose and vision. At very least it will allow you to feel like your secret-stuff ain’t so bad.

When I push *send* I will be launching myself into the next phase of my journey and I so desire being part of yours.

Consider me a primary supporter and advocate of your essential self – I want to see you thrive.

I want to be connected with you in a very deep, meaningful way.  

The next time you will hear from me I will be launching my website. Until then I would love to hear from you.

Big LOXE  (I created this, it is love, hug and kiss all wrapped into one ;-) )

Best, Monica

Oh – one of my inhibitions is the inability to spell, structure a sentence and use punctuation appropriately.  I am also well known for making up words and my own definitions for them.  So – thank you for being gentle with me while reading my thoughts :)


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