My Gratitude – A letter to my clients

To my wonderful clients,

We are entering my favorite time of year, the Thanksgiving holiday season.  I have a difficult time recognizing the historical purpose of the holiday; I don’t understand why we blindly celebrate a very tragic part of our history.  That said, I use this time of year to sincerely reflect upon my gratitude and express my appreciation for those who impact my life in positive ways.  And therefore, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

You might not realize how much I appreciate you, even if you have received just a single massage from me.  My client base and my massage practice of over 13 years provides me with a spiritual practice rooted in communion and deep connection with you and Source/the Divine/Universe/God/the Mystery/The Greater Good (all perspectives included and equally valued), which has ultimately provided me with a beautiful relationship with myself and with humanity.

You also provide me with a purposeful way of generating income for my little family.  The combination of these gratitude sources creates a way of living for me that is rooted in my integrity.

I am a better person in part because of you.

In order to get into all that I am feeling at this time (which I know is deep and might feel a bit like a stretch when talking about massage, but it is all very real for me) I also want to share this:

I have a vivid memory when I was about 7 years old.  I did not know it then but I think I discovered my life’s purpose at this time (explore love).  I was standing against the chain linked fence of my elementary school play yard, the sun was shining down on me; I was an open conduit receiving the Universe in the way a child naturally does, time seemed to stall.  With a warm body, a quite mind, and a broken heart I stood with this question in my soul:  Why is it so hard for adults to love?

My parents were getting a divorce, something more easily understood as an adult.  As a child I simply couldn’t understand what was happening to them and to our family.  I could feel their pain and confusion which was masked by anger and avoidance of one another.   If only their hearts could speak in lieu of their tongues – the silent language of love might not have kept them together, but it would have provided them with what they needed at that time.

Felt respect and love, being seen and understood in their wholeness – unconditional acceptance.

As an adult I now get it — to love and be loved is a layered concept that is intriguing but to fully absorb what it means and open to living life in this way requires life times of personal work, at least it feels this way to me.

As the years of our lives pass we become layered souls.  Our essence always remains purely who we are, but we carry our life story – past insults, hurts and trauma from childhood and on – as protective layers; protecting us from one another as if that is what we should do, and this type of engagement keeps us from safe, honest, and deeply satisfying connection with others.  We keep the best parts of ourselves bound up in a story about what hurts.  We live guarded lives, silently begging for someone to receive us; to be seen and valued in full.

Working with you using massage as a tool, I get to receive you.  I get to sense and praise your essence and acknowledge and respect your layers, and with time and intention I get to feel your layers soften and sometimes dissipate.  Your muscles release, your being relaxes, and together we drift into this place of possibility.

The possibility starts with being seen in full, with unconditional regard; an invitation to let down the guard that we carry, for just a little bit, and absorb the energetic exchange that occurs when you are open, I am open, and Source is flowing freely.  An opportunity to experience self in your most pure state.

This place of possibility is a void of sorts, no language is needed; you need not ‘do’ anything except to open to a rich communication about self and One-Love.  It is a soft, blissful, sincere, and empty yet at the same time a completely satisfying place that naturally transforms energy into exactly what would serve you at the time. Immense clarity can be gained here.

It is a vulnerable place.  It is a reverent place.  It is where all potential and possibility for self and therefore humanity lies.    And it is what I worship.   I worship it in me and in you – and in “US”.

Thank you for trusting me and choosing to spend time with me in this place.  I am grateful that in my chosen career path I get to connect with so many phenomenal women, and a few exceptional men, in such a satisfying way.

Thank you for allowing me to receive you with unconditional acceptance – thank you for letting me witness you time and time again.  Thank you for allowing me the experience of unconditional regard (love) for another person.

And finally – thank you for choosing to have massage therapy in your life.  I believe it to be a gateway for living life more fully, and the ripple effect of your self-care is significant not only for yourself but for those you care about and love, and for humanity as a whole.

I bow to you and this.

Thank you for allowing me to live my life’s purpose – I explore love for a living.

With deep gratitude,


PS – Proudly, I am still writing my monthly emails where I share my inner musings, tips and inspiration for living life more fully, exceptional resources, and I also link my blog posts (which keep me real).  I would love to have you sign on if you are not already on that list.  You can do so here (disclaimer – I sometimes use swear words and often touch on uncomfortable truths).

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