What if I became best friends with her?

Last year I had an epiphany that was a game changer for me.  A come-to-Jesus moment where I realized that I was creating my own problems, and that I have the innate wisdom and power to create the life that I want to live.

My life changing event came in the form of my first MBIT (Multiple Brain Integration Technique) session given to me by my soon to be business coach.  Followed by a 4 day, all day, MBIT coach certification course, followed by a solid year of personal work with my newly enhanced tool bag.

My focus for that MBIT session was my ambivalence within motherhood.  I knew that my struggle with wanting to be a great mother and equally wanting to have a fulfilling career was blocking me from doing either role well.  I don’t do things well when I have inner friction and my struggle was about both roles requiring all of me to be on board, and ALL OF ME felt incredibly tapped, sucked dry, tired.

I was feeling resentful for a society that seemingly discards the magnitude of mothering, especially mothering done well, which (to me) means a woman thriving in her role of nurturing and giving, all of the time, to another human being.

How in the hell does a woman thrive while also mothering and growing a business?

It is one thing to mother well, another thing to simultaneously grow a business, and a completely different thing to thrive as an individual while doing so.

During my epiphany last year I listened to myself as I tried to justify my frustration within my roles and quickly came to the realization that I could easily do things differently.  I could let go of the ideas I had created about myself and mothering, and the challenges of simultaneously growing my business, and develop a new way of thinking and doing.

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I heard myself elude to have a an inner goddess, a incredible woman who joyfully mothers well, and successfully grows her business, all while thriving as an individual.

I could settle into the genuine nature of who I am becoming, the woman I am uncovering, rather than feeling unauthentic in who I currently am.

I can focus on giving my inner goddess, my essential self, what she needs in order to thrive as an individual, a mother, and a business woman.  I can slow down enough to hear her and trust what she tells me.  I can privilege my innate wisdom, and I can become comfortable with allowing myself to shine.

I can become my own support system; I can become my own devoted best friend.

Everything changes when I look at life in this way, everything becomes possible, and gaining what I desire feels attainable in lieu of impossible.

It feels relieving  to move through life listening to, and trusting my innate wisdom.  It is fully supported and enhanced by Universal Love and I feel confidently that if I continue on this path I will create the life I want to live.


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