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“We can live any way we want. The thing is to stalk your calling in a certain skilled and supple way, to locate the most tender and live spot and plug into that pulse.”

-Annie Dillard

I started learning from Don and Diane a handful of years ago – it is as if they were put into my life so that I would have exceptional examples of how-to-be, and also a resource and support for when learning became really really hard.  They are local, experienced, educated and affordable.  Allowing me to feel as if I am fortunate and smart to take advantage of their offerings.

My decade old self exploration journey has been one that I would not trade for anything – but I will be honest and say that it has nearly destroyed my marriage.   The deep exploration that I have been engaged in demands internal alignment and discarding what no longer serves me, along with voicing what I now need/want.  The result of this can be taxing on a relationship, especially when I lack grace in expressing myself and react from a place of fear or anger.

And mostly – it is becoming more and more apparent to me that to have a healthy and nourishing relationship two people should evolve together as much as possible.

To evolve together takes desire and two people wanting something similar in their co-created evolution.

I think it is fair to say that love – to love and be loved – is what all people want/need/desire.

It sounds so simple – which is such a set-up for failure – to love and be loved should be easy, and when we discover that it is not easy (it is complex due to the layers we have covered our essence with = our story) we need support, guidance, encouragement, and role models.

Don and Diane have become this for me.

And I am so excited for this opportunity – another workshop with them! and my awesome husband is a willing participant – our co-created evolution, my greatest wish, is happening…..I am so very grateful.

Workshop: The Dynamics of Relationship
(from Don and Diane’s newsletter)
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One project we are very much looking forward to is our September workshop-The Dynamics of Relationship. Both of us have spent a great deal of time learning how two people, each coming together without the greatest relationship skills (to put it very mildly), could forge (over a 32 year period) a relationship characterized by harmony and depth, as well as ample emotional and sexual intimacy. We continue to co-create a relationship vehicle that has truly supported our individual spiritual, psychological and somatic growth. Not perfect, but really good! (But, don’t think for a moment we can take it for granted. That would be like saying, “Yeah, I’ve got a great garden so now I’ll stop tending to it.” Weeds can grow fast and the soil can dry quickly without water).


Our intention in the workshop is to share some of the most important things we have learned that continue to guide and support us, including what we believe to be the most important keys to relationship satisfaction, and what it takes to achieve them. In addition to teaching from our own experience, we will  be drawing from the work of Jungian Analyst Hal Stone and his wife Sidra (Embracing Ourselves, and Embracing Each Other). Their relationship has been an inspiration to us and their work with “bonding patterns” brilliant.


We will also be drawing from the work of Susan Johnson, (Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy and Hold Me Tight). We think she has brought into the world a powerful approach to understanding relationship dynamics. Essentially, it’s about recognizing how patterns of distress are jointly created. In other words there is a dynamic dance that occurs emotionally between two people, often characterized by anger on one side and withdrawal on the other. What is missing is the deep feelings and needs, which they are unable to access and express.


Diane and I have been immersed in both systems and what we present will be what has filtered through our experience. Singles or couples are invited to attend this workshop. Relationship awareness and skills can serve us regardless if we are in a “relationship” or not. We welcome anyone who wants to explore these topics together.  We will also engage some Continuum; a time to soak in the concepts and better understand the body-mind connection. We are sure this will be a rich workshop. We will probably not be doing this workshop again at least for another year, so if you are interested, go to our website and sign up. Registration will be closed at 16.


Warmly and With Love,

Don and Diane
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