My family and I remain healthy. We have been following social distancing measures and wearing masks when grocery shopping, etc., and so far we have had no exposure that we are aware of to anyone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19.

Over the next year if I begin to experience symptoms of any illness I will either cancel clients or inform you of my symptoms and you may determine to keep your session or not. I ask that you cancel your session(s) with me if you have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for the virus, and/or if you are experiencing any symptom associated with COVID-19 and have not been tested for the virus.

When I arrive at my office I will have been freshly showered and wearing clean clothes.

The first thing that I will do is disinfect all door knobs, the bathroom light switch, toilet handle, sink faucet, and my massage table – with extra emphasis on the face rest.

I will also mist the office and waiting area with a disinfectant spray.

I will repeat this process between sessions.

I will remain diligent with my hand washing and awareness of cross contamination.

I have purchased a MEDIFY AIRx (medical grade H13 air purifier that removes 99.9% of particles down to 0.1 microns) that will be in constant use.

All table sheets and coverings are washed immediately after use with hot water, detergent, and bleach, and dried in the dyer.

When you arrive for your session please be wearing a mask (I will have extra if needed) and plan on sanitizing your hands immediately when walking through the door. While you remove your shoes I will take your temperature with a touch-less thermometer. I will record your temperature and ask you a few questions, then have you sign a COVID-19 specific release/waiver. If you happen to have a temperature higher than 100.4 F you will need to reschedule your session and go home.

It breaks my heart to express this, but I’m asking that we do not hug or make physical contact of any kind when you arrive and depart. I miss hugging, so much….

I also highly recommend that you wash or sanitize your hands before leaving my office.

Considering our “respiratory cloud” and the safety of all of my clients I am also asking that we do not converse much while you are on the massage table, and because we cannot maintain 6 feet of distance between us during massage it is required that we both wear face masks. You may remove yours when face down if preferred and I can accommodate other “issues” with wearing a mask, so please talk with me prior if need be.

You know that I love and value talking with you and I want to continue that more so than ever now, but it only remains possible if I schedule accordingly. If you desire talk time prior to or after your session please ensure to schedule that time when making your appointments or understand that your table time will be reduced accordingly.

Please arrive to your session on time and understand that with these new measures in place I will need to manage time well ~ thank you for helping me with this by being aware of time and my schedule.

In January I increased my rates to $110 for 90 minutes and $140 for 2 hours. If your financial situation has changed due to COVID-19 please talk to me about a sliding scale fee. I want to accommodate you how I can.

When taking payment, if you are using a credit card I will ask you to read your credit card number to me instead of me handling your card. I also ask that we skip you signing for the transaction on my phone, which is an option on the Square device. Venmo is also a great option, and I continue to accept cash and checks (I’ll disinfect them too!).

As I write this all out my safety measures feel extreme and do not match my concerns about working with you. My measures are so that I can feel in compliance, respectful, responsible, confident and accountable with you and yours, me and mine, and the collective-whole in mind, as I return to my work and my passion. I intend to stay in business indefinitely!

It will be an interesting year and I feel that we can all rest peacefully while engaging with these measures in place. I want you and yours to feel incredibly considered while in my presence, because you are.

On a much lighter note I want to leave you with this:

When working with my clients I consider myself to be an intentional conduit for Light/Love/Peace=Source/Divine/God to engage with your spirit and soul.

Which simply means I subscribe to a spiritual path.

There is a deep interaction that takes place when the nervous system settles and the body relaxes and opens to receiving nurturing touch.

A lot of rest, clarity, and inspiration can occur here.

I get to work with your body tissues and witness a rich realm of expansion, truth, possibility and potential arise from the essence of you.

It is my soul’s calling to hold space for you here.

Quality massage is an opportunity for deep healing on many levels. It is a nourishing meditation.

More so now than ever healthy physical touch is critical for true health and well-being.

Thank you for investing in this for yourself and for choosing me to share this reverent space with you

While in session with me please recall that oxygenated blood travels throughout the body most efficiently with a slow exhale through the nose.

On the inhale we fill our lungs with oxygen, on the exhale oxygenated blood travels throughout the body. Chronically held tension inhibits this flow.

Intend to sense this powerful process; feel your lungs expand and contract, your heart beat, and the flow of oxygenated blood throughout your entire body as you allow stress, tension and dis-ease to melt away.

While in session intend to send that oxygenated blood to my hands; it is incredibly helpful to me and very effective in releasing held tension.

Your torso will be a focus of mine throughout our sessions. It only makes sense that encouraging more expansion and flow within the chest cavity is good preventative and nourishing medicine right now, and in general.

The lungs of the human collective are being severely taxed with this virus. Lungs represent grief, despair, and sorrow – they also represent the ability to take in beauty, gratitude, love and live a joyful life. The physiological response of breathing allows oxygenated blood to nourish the body, which is the cellular foundation for enhancing our quality of life, enabling us to be more contactable with others, and resulting in more love on the planet. With more love comes the healing of humanity and the potential for a more respectful, symbiotic relationship with Mother Earth.

This is a truly stunning and urgent time that we are living in – and we get to choose how we navigate it.

When in session, as much as possible, stay out of the thinking mind and focus on what you are feeling.

So much is happening….

Allow yourself to be held and supported by peace, light and love (Source) and deeply seen by me.

It is a privilege and honor to witness and support you there in that realm where rejuvenation and hope prevail. Because from there so much becomes possible, and within possibility we learn to thrive.

The ability to thrive seems like a good skill to cultivate and hone, doesn’t it?

Your investment in self-care and well-being is incredibly wise.

Much love and respect,


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