Carrie Coppola

I loved, loved, loved, my massage. Truly,  I cannot remember feeling that relaxed. I went to places that I felt supported, enlivened and connected. It was magical. Just what I needed. I cannot thank you enough.


The next morning after our massage, we went into labor. It was a difficult, very long labor, but we made it and have our baby girl!

Thanks so much for your help. I truly believe you were a part of making it happen and helping us to avoid induction!

Angela Rhinehart

Over the past 8 years, I have had the pleasure of getting to know Monica as a professional colleague, massage therapist and friend. It has been a challenge for me to find a way to describe this amazing woman. She is the kind of person who avoids the limelight and goes about her life in a quiet way. She is caring and engaged in each interaction. When Monica listens to me, I feel completely heard and I also am able to hear myself in her presence. She gives her full attention and care, offering her healing work with sincere compassion along with skilled and intuitive touch. Her trust in the healing capacity of her clients is clear. She is respectful of their process and committed to helping each person to find their way towards personal growth and happiness. I highly recommend Monica.

Vanessa Corbin

I was 40 weeks and 5 days pregnant, anyone that has ever gone past the 40 weeks knows those days feel like months! I turned to my good friend Monica Kota- I had been seeing Monica almost every 8 weeks throughout my pregnancy for much needed massage and care. I needed to get this baby and my body going! My massage was just what I needed, I was able to relax, get centered, and focus. About 3 hrs later my water broke and I was in full labor! I successfully delivered a healthy 7lb baby, no tearing and was able to nurse immediately after his arrival. I know without a doubt my body responded to the Induction massage, I was relaxed and ready to take on the physical demands of labor and delivery.

Thank you Monica, your support, care, and healing hands carried me throughout my pregnancy and delivery! I highly recommend Monica to all the mommies out there.

Audrey McCulley

The massages I received from Monica during my pregnancies and postpartum recovery helped me to feel emotionally grounded and offered countless physical benefits.  While I was pregnant, Monica was able to alleviate my backaches and leg cramps, and reduced swelling in my legs, arms, and hands. Monica is a kind, warm, and caring person, and an incredibly gifted massage therapist.  I was so fortunate to have her nurturing touch help through my pregnancies and my postpartum recovery.

Marcia Whitney

I have known Monica for a few months and immediately was drawn to her energy. Having moved here from the east coast I have spent a lot of time searching to replace the awesome people I left behind especially a Massage therapist. I am a ceramicist working out of a studio a few blocks from Vitalize. I would certainly recommend Monica to anyone looking for a knowledgeable and caring therapist.

Karen Salas Wheeler

Being a former massage therapist myself, I have always wanted to experience the kind of massage that I like to give, and I finally found the person who could provide that for me. And while I can’t speak for what others received from me, the whole experience from start to finish with Monica’s massage was sublime. The sublime takes you to a level beyond the ordinary to a state that is transformative and connects you with something greater than yourself. In this case, it connected me to my inner self and a sense of great peace. The entire experience from start to finish led me to this state, from Monica’s calm, welcoming manner to the beautiful room and cozy massage table, to the quiet that was sustained through the massage. The strokes were rhythmic and luxurious and in perfect balance, without calling attention to themselves by causing discomfort or overstimulation. I felt in a state of complete and perfect relaxation yet aware enough to stay present in my body and connect to my inner self. Once you experience this, you understand what a true art massage can be because you are the clay being molded. You emerge in your true form and walk away feeling honored and blessed. Thank you, Monica!

Kindra Corbin

I cannot say enough great things about Monica as a massage therapist!

I started going to Monica when I was 28 weeks pregnant. Not only did she help alleviate the common aches and pains associated with pregnancy,  she gave me incredible advice that literally helped me get through my pregnancy, labor and the beginning journey of motherhood. 

I felt so calm and relaxed after every massage by Monica and recommend every women pregnant or not to go and see her.

Dan Terrell

Massage provides me with….the knowledge and inner comfort of knowing that I am giving myself the attention needed (and deserved), not only physically, but also emotionally, mentally, spiritually, in the truest sense of the word, holistically. With the right therapist, massage and similar types of body work can provide access to improving the well being of the whole system (i.e. holistic) that we are composed of.  Without this, I don’t stay on track in trying to achieve the best in myself which allows me to be at my best for others. If I’m hurting physically, I end up hurting emotionally as well. And in turn, over the last ten years, I have come to find that when I am hurting emotionally, I end up hurting physically. I am definitely not at my best for others to be with when this is occurring. 

Massage is one of the key elements in my life for being able to function from day to day. I have been a bi-weekly client for a number of years. We all experience stress in many forms, sometimes severe enough to be debilitating. I’ve been there. And I’ve had many injuries in my life, the worst being a broken back which affects me 24/7. To find a therapist that not only can provide great bodywork, but is willing to go out of their way (on their own personal time) to study and research in order to bring helpful insight and technical information to the table related to a specific condition, like my issues with my back,  is a very fortunate circumstance (albeit a long-shot). 

If you can find a therapist that can do all of that, AND knows when to say the right thing at the right time, or when to just listen, and can provide invaluable insight, you become a long term client. This has been my experience with Monica.

Monica has earned my respect and admiration over the years I’ve known her for not just her skills and ability within her practice, but also for her honesty, and her drive and tenacity at following through with what she believes in.

She and her husband make for an admirable mother/father combo to a beautiful family. I can provide no higher recommendation.

Alicia Barstow Kaney

It's always funny how the Universe points you in the right direction when you need it the most. The trick is to be willing to have faith and follow that guidance. That is exactly how I came to know Monica. My husband and I had recently gotten married and since we are both in our late 30's we knew we would start trying to conceive after we had our wedding. I was told by my dear friend Gina that I needed to prepare for conception by doing a cleanse and in addition, getting fertility massage from Monica. I respect her and the advice she has always given me so I immediately got on the wagon and started my journey!

It wasn't long after we started trying, that we became pregnant. In fact, I hadn't even made it to my first massage appt with Monica before we got the positive home pregnancy test! Unfortunately, the great news only lasted for 2 weeks before we found out a miscarriage was imminent. Of course, we were devastated and I immediately shared the news with Monica. She was so compassionate and supportive and offered to schedule me for a relaxing massage that would help aid me through this hard time. After I saw Monica, I felt more hopeful and prepared for the next phase of this journey.

Almost immediately after seeing Monica, I started a cleansing process. There were several parts to this and it went on for longer than I would have originally planned, but it was definitely necessary for the transformation I was going through. I was finally in the right state of mind and health to start the Fertility Massage that Monica and I were so eager to start. The experience I felt in that first session was out of this world! Monica guided me through the process of what she was doing physically and also guided me through what I could be connecting to spiritually while I was in this space. It was the beginning of the connection I made with my little baby's soul, as I welcomed him to me. We did 3 sessions and each time I came to see Monica, she listened to my fears and concerns and always helped me to see that what I was experiencing was normal and reminded me that one day I would laugh at the time I worried so much that this would "never happen for me."

Keeping those words in mind, I came to realize a couple of months after our last session that she was right! I am currently 15 weeks pregnant and due this August:) Having prepared to "Consciously Conceive" this baby boy I have growing inside me, I feel far less worried and scared than I did before or would have without all this preparation. Monica has pointed me in the direction of other caregivers and teachers that I have connected with that are all a part of this story for me and my husband and baby. I am forever grateful for having such a wonderful, caring, compassionate teacher and friend in Monica. To anyone in a similar position as I was, I recommend wholeheartedly seeking out Monica and/or the philosophies of the Fertility Massage. It has been a vital part of my conception journey.

Jennifer Sorensen Whitaker

As women it is often much easier for us to give than to receive. I honestly felt uncomfortable scheduling my first massage appointment and wasn't sure what to expect. I knew deep within myself though that in order to be all that I want to be for those around me that I needed to take time to fill my own cup first. Receiving massage from Monica exceeded my expectations.

Monica helped me to feel comfortable immediately with her welcoming warmth and acceptance. Monica holds space very well.  It's easy to relax, let go, and be comfortable with oneself.  Even better than her talent for creating a comfortable environment is Monica's great knowledge of the art and science of massage.  Since first working with her she has been my go-to massage therapist for everything from relaxation massage to deep therapeutic massage.  I found Monica to be an invaluable tool through what was a challenging and uncomfortable pregnancy and continue to see her now that my baby is a rambunctious two year-old for continued self-care. I hope to have the opportunity to continue my helpful visits with Monica for many years to come.

Nyla Johnson

How I wish I had known more about the benefits of massage therapy when I was a young mother, wife, daughter and friend. A much better mother, wife, daughter and friend I would have been. ,I was introduced to massage by Monica in my late fifties, and have found its benefits to be far greater than what I can put into words. If I had to choose just one thing, it would be the emotional stability it has provided me. Thru continuous massage I have been introduced and given valuable information that I use in my life day to day.

Monica’s wisdom, compassion, and insight have helped me live a more balanced life.  Her willingness to share her knowledge and the encouragement she has given have been such a gift.

She is not only my massage therapist, but one of my two beautiful daughters, and it is my pleasure to call her ‘friend’.

Jessica Small-Čavar

I just want to say that my experience with Monica was exceptional

I've had two high-risk pregnancies due to hypertension and cardiomyopathy. I honestly had a terrible experience with my first pregnancy and birth. It was all worth it of course. ;-) Fortunately for me I was able to experience the second pregnancy and birth with a clearer mind and inner strength. This is all due to my prenatal sessions with Monica.

The time was hard for me to carve out with a toddler, business and a very trying and nauseating pregnancy, however the  60 minutes I was able to completely feel peace, power, contentment with my body and the true joy and excitement of being a woman and mother. I didn't realize how important it was to take care of myself, it has made everything better for my new arrival and balance in my life.

I would encourage you to utilize this opportunity to spend time with her and you yourself will see what an incredible, knowledgeable, inspiration of a woman she is. I always find myself asking her for advice and guidance. Thank you Monica, I'm indebted to you and I'm so grateful I am able to get to know you and myself and I'm loving it.

Carrie Anderson-Bybee

Massage has been something that has helped me through so many aspects of my life both physical and emotional.

While going through many life experiences and changes, a business, a divorce, working several jobs and being a mom massage has been such a comfort. It not only helps my body physically from my job as a hairstylist but my overall well being. While getting massage I have learned to "just breathe" as my nine year old will tell me. I can let go of emotions that are holding me back mentally and physically. I can be a better mother, partner, friend and hairstylist.

Monica has been a great therapist and friend. I feel like she came into my life for a reason. She is so calm and quiet that I feel at ease the moment I come to the studio. She listens, not only to my words but my body. With every massage I have felt a gain in confidence in being a mother and my best self. Thank you Monica for helping me to let go of fear and open myself up for more love.

Diane Crotchett

I have been a client of Monica's for over a year, and plan to continue to be, indefinitely. When I started seeing Monica, I was only looking for a nice massage each month. I had no idea this would become such an uplifting part of my life. 

With massages in the past, I usually enjoyed the relaxation of the massage, but that's where the benefits ended. I never felt the lasting peace and balance that I do now. 

Monica has a way of not only giving a wonderful massage, but also creating a positive and tranquil atmosphere, which promotes both physical and emotional healing. I love the change I have felt in my energy and mood since I started to see Monica regularly. 

The massage itself has been perfect every time. I communicated my needs and concerns with Monica on my first appointment, and she has never had to be reminded of what I said. She remembers and cares about her clients, making sure they are comfortable in every way. 

I would be very hesitant to see another massage therapist in the future. I have been spoiled by having Monica as my massage therapist. I leave each session feeling so great, and already looking forward to the next one.

Monica Faux-Kota

After experiencing abdominal massage the first time I became hooked and continue to give it to myself regularly.  I was told that I would experience more compassion in my life if I continued the practice and it is true!  I have more compassion for myself and others by simply massaging my belly?!